Two Chicks at Chix

My friend Robin and I checked out the relatively-new Chix, on U Street and 11th. Chix’s tagline is “Eat Responsibly,” and they try to uphold this mantra by offering organic rotisserie chicken (provided by Freebird in Lancaster, PA), black beans seasoned with cumin and orange served with brown rice, roasted sweet potatoes, and juice-flavored water.

All food is packaged in to-go containers, whether you eat in or not, but the plastic cups are made of compostable cornstarch, napkins made from recycled paper, and the cardboard containers are made of compostable sugar cane fiber. Even the restaurant itself is built from largely sustainable materials.

But back to the food. We actually did not sample the chicken, though I plan to when (when, not if) I return. The black beans and rice, however, were wonderful, and the sweet potatoes, roasted to perfection and seasoned with just a little bit of heat, were to die for. The cheese-noodle thing was pretty tasty too.

Given that this is a local venture, reasonably-priced, and in my neighborhood, I plan to visit often and bring lots of friends. Given that the FDA just recently gave the thumbs up on using cloned animals for food, I’m more than happy to put more of my dollars towards local, sustainable, and healthy food.

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