There’s been lots of worry recently over plastic bottles and other food containers, and what is safe and what is not.

Here’s what’s safest: #2 and #5.

#1 is okay (it’s what most bottled water is sold in). But you don’t want to repeatedly reuse it these kinds of bottles – they don’t hold up super well over time.

#3 is PVC. Very very bad. Dioxin, phthalates, and other carcinogens. We should not be using this stuff at all.

#6 also not cool. Polystyrene. Styrofoam, generally.

#7, which is what your Nalgene bottle is made of (although apparently not the new ones), is bad. Releases bisphenol A, which is an endocrine disrupter, (acts like a hormone in your body. Bad bad bad.) Canada banned BPA, and there has been a real worry that a lot of baby bottles are made of #7 plastic. Hormone-like chemicals + babies = bad news. Actually hormone-like chemicals + adults = bad news too.

#2, #4, and #5 are fine. At least for now. My Rubbermaid water bottle that I drink from at work is made of #5 plastic. I’d recommend you chuck that Nalgene.

Apparently all that mess about canned vegetables being much less healthy than fresh veggies is not so cut-and-dried. Heat-sensitive nutrients like vitamin C break down in canned veggies, but other phytochemicals in vegetables, such as the ones found in corn and tomatoes, actually increase when they are exposed to heat. So pile on the corn and tomato salsa I guess.

Apparently, our shoes are ruining our feet, and we should all either walk barefoot, or buy expensive shoes that are almost like walking barefoot. At least according to New York Magazine.

I’m somewhat skeptical, as I felt like the article was pushing a particular product pretty hard, but I did find it interesting that women who wear high heels all the time actually cause the tendons in their feet to shorten, thus causing them to eventually only be comfortable in high heels.

I also thought it was interesting that historically, shoes were not made for walking, but were rather a sign that you were so rich you didn’t have to walk.

I also saw someone running barefoot in the 10K I did on Saturday. Makes me want to give it a try (though probably on a treadmill…)

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