Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. The biggest reason is because the concept is so simple: gratitude. Thanksgiving is a holiday that has become about feeling grateful for the abundance we have in our lives. And many people agree that the more grateful you feel, the happier you are.

Another reason I love Thanksgiving is because it’s not about stuff, but rather stuffing. In my view, there’s no better way to spend your time than eating a million delicious foods, and my family is southern, so that means cornbread stuffing and sweet potato casserole, not to mention that marvelous jelly cranberry sauce from a can. And then of course, leftovers. Nom.

Some would say Thanksgiving is about gluttony, but I think it’s just about sitting down and breaking bread with those you love. It’s about passing a plate of good will and sharing in the abundance that touches our lives.

It’s also nice that the rampant consumerism that seems necessary for every holiday happens the day after, which is actually just in preparation for that ultimate, get-lots-of-shit holiday that follows in December. I’m not ashamed to admit that I went shopping today, on the evil Black Friday (the luggage I used to travel to Atlanta had broken, and my mom decided she wanted an iPod), and it wasn’t bad at all. So thank you to all who decided to observe “Buy Nothing Day” – you made finding a parking space soooo much easier.

Finally though, I love Thanksgiving is because it is a time to spend with family and friends without some kind of religious affiliation, without a gift-giving requirement, just eating (and did I mention how much I love food?) It’s not a big to do. It’s just about love. (And food. And gratitude. And gratitude for love and food…)¬†We all bow our heads together and just say, “Thank you” to whomever we want, or just to the universe.

All in all, it’s kind of a cool quirky holiday built around what’s basically become more like a folk tale than a historical event. But fortunately no genocide was involved as far as I know (that came before and after). Just people in funny hats.

I am thankful for so much in my life. I have been blessed with a family that loves me, and I am surrounded by amazing friends. I have been touched by many amazing experiences in my life and have been given many wonderful opportunities. I have lived largely free of want. In my daily life I often find my heart filled with gratitude, but certainly I feel it on Thanksgiving, as I bask in the warmth of those whom I care for the most, my belly filled with way too much food.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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