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Free to be you and me!

After seeing a friend post this on Facebook, posting it here was pretty irresistible.


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All the news that’s fit to delay.

So apparently I haven’t updated this page in two months. Not for want of things going on, though!

My big news is that I recently started a new job. I am now the new webmaster for the Communications Workers of America. After being there only three weeks, I feel very strongly that this was definitely the right move for me, for a lot of reasons.

First, I really love that I am working for a union and in the labor movement. While I’ve come to care deeply about all the causes I have worked for, organized labor has always had a special place in my heart. Now I am working with folks who are passionate about protecting workers, who really believe in organized labor and a fair deal for workers. I am very excited to be putting my web skills to work for all the people I’ve met so far at CWA, and for all the present and future CWA workers.

It’s also really great to get to specialize more. I have long been captivated by web design, development, online organizing and social networking, though my previous work was much more varying between lots of different things, and thus less focused. Now I really get the chance to sink my teeth into the web more. I also really like the people I’m working with so far, and I think I will have the chance to learn a lot from them.

Having my own office isn’t too shabby either. I can’t lie.

Now I just have to make sure I’m able to make CWA glad they hired me. I look forward to doing just that by being the best webmaster I can be.

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Keb’ Mo’ and Jonathan Coulton

My good friend Megan recently introduced me to the fine musical stylings of Mr. Keb’ Mo’.  I highly recommend.  Here’s one sample from his album Keep It Simple:

Keb’ Mo’ – Let Your Light Shine [mp3]

Recently I went to see Jonathan Coulton at the Birchmere.  My friend Allen and I went to the sold-out show, and we had a blast.  The opening band, Paul + Storm, were really fun and hilarious, though Allen and I both thought it was odd that Paul held a guitar during almost the entire show but never once played a chord. Their set was pretty long, too. It didn’t feel at all like an opening act.

Coulton was awesome.  His set felt a little on the short side for a headliner, but I really liked every single one of his songs.  His version of “Baby Got Back,” which is apparently what made him an internet superstar, was absolutely brilliant.  And I was so glad when he played “First of May” as his final encore. I recently made “Code Monkey” my song on MySpace, even though I only personally aspire to be a code monkey…

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Shock therapy

I heard Naomi Klein speak about this years ago at the Green Festival. She was talking about the way shock had been applied in Iraq in order to impose all kinds of radical economic reforms on the country. Her new book ties together many stories to a much more broader doctrine.

Watch this video. You’ll be… shocked.

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Kate Nash

Kate Nash

I am presently annoyed that I cannot acquire Kate Nash’s new CD, Made of Bricks, just released in the UK. iTunes won’t let me download it, and it’s not released in the U.S. Curses!

I discovered the amazing Ms. Nash by chance on the Hype Machine and have been listening to a few of her songs downloaded from music blogs ever since. But I want to buy her album! Argh!

Anyhow, here is one of her songs (from her new album) for your enjoyment. She is really great. I haven’t been able to stop listening to this song.

Birds – Kate Nash [mp3]

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I rocked.

This is, without a doubt, my favorite picture of me running.

Granted, my finish time for this race (2:30:28) was pretty abysmal, but I blame the heat. Still, look at how happy I am to be crossing the finish line.

Next year, I will run the whole thing without walk breaks. I will I will I will.

Sprinting to the finish.
At the Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon in Virginia Beach, VA, September 3, 2006

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