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Maybe this is why people are often pack-rats…

This article from the New York Times is awesome:

The Advantages of Closing a Few Doors

We can always tell ourselves that it’s good to keep options open, but is it really?

My friend Susanna shared it on Facebook. I know she’s thinking of it in the context of grad schools, but there are so many applicable contexts to the ideas in this article.

Man, the New York Times has some pretty kickass content. Good food for thought.

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A little Valentine for all 5 you reading this blog

For all of you out there who are feeling the tug of National Singles Awareness Day, a little quote for you:

Love is like a booger. You keep picking at it until you get it, then wonder what to do with it.

- Unknown

And if you’re panicking about whether you’ll ever find that special someone, here’s a comic to give you hope.

Also, if you’ve been single for a real long time, you might want to consider moving to another city. Apparently the odds are strongly in your favor if you’re a single male living on the east coast or a single female living in the western part of the country. But does San Francisco really count?

Also, if you’re feeling really lonely and ambitious, you could take a cue form Karen over at Cordarounds, and see if you can crowdsource yourself a partner. (Thanks to Nick O’Neill for sharing that tidbit.)

For myself, I’m going to enjoy the day. It’s cold but it’s sunny, and I have lots to smile about. I wish everyone lots of love (romantic or otherwise) and a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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“No one could have conveyed how I was feeling better than Phil Collins.”

I discovered yesterday that This American Life” is great listening for a run. I thought music would be better, because it has a beat and makes you want to move, but for my long run yesterday, hearing Ira Glass tell me stories made me forget I’m running at all.

During this week’s long run I listened to an old podcast, entitled “Break-Up.” It carried me through the first 6 miles of my 11-mile run to Bethesda.

I have to confess, my friend Jim turned me onto this particular episode. I was telling him about some recent difficulties in my romantic life, and he asked me if I’d ever heard it. He heard it when it first aired in August, when he too was having hard times in his relationship. The show really struck him, and he told me that I HAD to listen to it.

I now pass the recommendation along. You can listen for free streaming on the web. I will say I was disappointed to discover that there is now a charge for downloads of past episodes – they used to be all free. Still I paid the $0.95 so I could put it on my iPod. I can hardly begrudge Chicago Public Radio a dollar.

Listening to the episode actually did made me feel a lot better. And by better, I mean better. :-)

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Yes we can.

All political advertisements should be music videos.

There have been some that have said that this video makes Obama look even more like a candidate that’s all rhetoric and no experience. Hogwash, I say.

The man has tons of experience. Yes, it is impossible not to agree that Hillary has more experience (though I would argue it’s not the kind of experience America needs.) But experience doesn’t win elections. If people voted for the best qualified, most experienced candidates, we wouldn’t have ended up with half of the presidents we have had. The fact is that most people vote with their emotions, with how they feel about a candidate.

So making an emotionally-manipulative video makes a lot of sense. At least this emotionally-manipulative video has a positive message, as opposed to what we’re usually assaulted with.

Of course, I think Obama both inspires people and will be a good leader that unites our country.

Keep in mind, more Americans vote in American Idol than in presidential elections. Maybe we need a candidate who can MTV it up, just to get people out to the voting booth.

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